Word Games is a blog about gaming’s “why”.

While there are plenty of sites where one can get gaming news, there are very few where someone can read about and discuss what games mean. This is a glaring omission on all of our parts, and this blog is a small attempt to rectify that oversight. I discuss this topic at much greater length in this essay, but the short of it is that if games are going to progress, then games journalism desperately needs some kind of backwards-looking analysis.

With that in mind, updates may be infrequent. I have much less interest in the minutiae of gaming news and much more in meaningful discussion. I’ll be adding more content and distinct sections as time goes on, but the primary purpose of this blog is to collect essays on the nature of games, which means that I’m trying for quality over quantity.

Of course, ideas mean nothing without minds to contemplate them, so I encourage each and every one of you reading to comment on my ramblings, if the desire strikes. Many of the essays here are opinionated and some of them are going to touch on uncomfortable or controversial topics, things we’re not used to talking about in conjunction with video games. If something I say infuriates you, or offends you, or even simply makes you cock your head quizzically to the side and say “Huh”, then by all means, fire away. That’s the point! Silence gets no one anywhere.

Just don’t forget the “why”. The why of things is what’s most important of all.





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